Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where are my scouting reports stored?

    Our main concern is that your data is safe and secure. For this purpose, all scouting reports are stored in a personal database. Each member can only access his own data, unless it’s actively shared with a group admin. We create daily backups of our redundant storage solution.

  • What contract options are available?

    We offer two different subscription plans, based on the number of user accounts and the payment method. The Single License is specifically designed for single users. The monthly costs are 29€ for booking an annual subscription and 35€ for monthly payment. Work in a team and book our popular Team License for up to 5 scouts. The monthly fee for this plan is 99€ for annual registration and 119€ for a monthly subscription.

    You need an individual plan that is a bit better more tailored to your situation? We will be pleased to work with you to develop a unique solution that suits for you. Contact us at to find out how we can help you get the subscription plan that’s best for you.

  • Who should use ScoutPad?

    Every team that wants to optimize their scouting data pipeline. ScoutPad captures and converts your notes into a digital, shareable form — quicker and more elegant than pen and paper.

  • What is the advantage of your evaluation system?

    Putting your thoughts into written form takes time and effort, and digitalizing your handwritten notes is twice the work. ScoutPad is designed to capture your scouting notes with little as heads-down time as possible. Customize your shortcuts to provide the performance categories you need, make notes, set timestamps. ScoutPad will do the rest.

Payment & Subscription

  • How much does a monthly subscription cost?

    Depending on the chosen plan, the team size, and the duration of the contract, the monthly cost per user varies between 20€  and 35€. There is discount of up to 20% for an annual payment.

  • How do you settle and pay for a subscription?

    For billing and payment processing we use third-party services. Your subscription and payment data is transferred to a third party and processed by them for subscription management (invoicing) and payment processing purposes. We do not pass on any further data to third parties.

  • What payment methods are available?

    In order to make your payments as pleasant and simple as possible, we offer different payment methods. You can pay either by SEPA direct debit or credit card. To pay by credit card, select credit card as the payment method in the order process and enter the credit card number, the validity period and the check digit. To pay by SEPA direct debit, you must enter your IBAN and BIC. We are anxious to offer PayPal as another payment method.

    Once the 30-day free trial period has expired, the agreed monthly or annual fee will automatically be deducted from the deposited invoice type.

  • Can I try ScoutPad for free?

    After registration you can use ScoutPad free of charge for 30 days. At the end of this trial period, you will not automatically enter a monthly paid subscription. If you wish to continue using the service, you will be asked to submit your billing data. You will receive an e-mail reminder before the free trial expires.


  • Where can I find the terms and policies for this service?

    The general terms and conditions, including privacy policy, for the SaaS ScoutPad can be found here.

    We know security and privacy are important to you – and they are important to us, too. We make it a priority to provide strong security and give you confidence that your information is safe and accessible when you need it. Learn more about how we keep your personal information private and safe — and put you in control.

  • Is there a user guide or other help to learn how to use ScoutPad?

    In the main menu of your ScoutPad account you will find a help section with usage scenarios and examples. In addition, we added a sample match to the landing page of your new account.

  • What are the technical requirements for using ScoutPad?

    ScoutPad works on every major platform, on Windows, MacOs, Android and iOS. It can be used online with just a web browser and internet access. We currently support the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

    ScoutPad can be used on multiple devices with a minimum screen size of 5 inches. All data is secured and synced across your authorized devices. Keep working when offline and sync later with our Offline Mode.

  • What do I need to use ScoutPad?

    You do not need any additional software to use ScoutPad. Scoutpad is designed as a web solution and can be accessed via your web browser. After successful registration you will receive an email with your credentials.

  • Who can I turn to for help?

    Do you have a problem or suggestion for us? Use the visual feedback and bug tracking tool integrated in ScoutPad. It provides a screenshot and you can add your comment. Or just call or e-mail us and we will get back to you.